Benefits Of Hiring A Reputable Security Company For Your Business

Have you ever thought about Hiring a security company? Most business or property  owners start considering stationing guards on their property because they want to prevent criminal activity.

Crime prevention is definitely one of the best benefits of hiring a security company, but it’s not the only reason to protect your business with security guards. In fact, once you start using a security services, you may start to wonder how you ever managed without them.

Read on to discover surprising advantages that security guards offer for your safety needs.



Video cameras and other types of surveillance equipment have their place in keeping a facility secure. However, these tools can never take the place of having an actual security officer on site.

A security camera doesn’t have a mind of its own; it does what is programmed to do. Typically, this means that it always points in one direction, or it follows a set pattern of surveillance. Savvy troublemakers may find it easy to outsmart the predictability of a camera.

A security officer, on the other hand, can add an element of unpredictably to surveillance. Security Officers may continually shift their pattern of activity while on duty, which makes it harder for criminals or vandals to avoid their line of sight.

If security officers catch someone causing trouble on your property, they can intercept the perpetrator right away. A camera might record the act, but it can’t stop it from happening.


You may hire a security service provider to protect your facility from outsiders, whether they are vandals, robbers, or people looking to start a fight. However, not all trouble at a business comes from outside influences; some problems start internally.

As a business owner or leader, it’s distressing to think about your own employees doing anything that threatens your company. Unfortunately, it’s possible that not every team member is as committed to your business’ success as you are.

Having a security officer on site can help deter negative behavior from your employees. When a security officer is successful doing their job keeping an eye on all activity that happens in the building, workers will be more likely to follow the rules and abide by company policies.

Furthermore, if your employees go on strike or engage in other forms of protest at work, you’ll be glad that you already have a security service provider in place. TCSO security officers help promote order and safety during uneasy times.



The benefits of hiring a security service provider extend far beyond crime prevention. A good security officer can also lend a critical hand during natural disasters and health crisis.

Security Officers are often trained as first responders, so they know what to do in emergency situations. A trained professional knows how to keep a calm, clear head during a crisis. He or she can help usher people to safety during disasters like fires, storms, active shooter incidents, attempted robberies etc.

In an emergency situation, there is not always time to wait for police or EMTs to show up. An on-site security officer can provide critical services right away. In the video “Security Officer Saves Man’s Life,” hear the heartwarming story of a security guard whose life-saving skills made an unforgettable difference for one family.



In an ideal world, your security service provider would never have to intercept delinquent behavior. In reality, that’s not always the case. But even if nothing bad ever happens at your establishment, having a security officer in place can be beneficial for your business.

Unfortunate events are a fact of life, and everyone knows that. Sometimes, the world feels like a scary place. People are searching for a sense of safety.

Knowing that someone is looking out for you can provide this peace of mind. Employees may feel more comfortable at work when there is a Texas Commissioned Security Operations security officer on site.

A security presence can also put customers and clients at ease. With this peace of mind, they may be more likely to frequent your business or to stay for longer periods of time. Security officers communicate to visitors that you care about their well-being. TCSO officers are very customer friendly.



Often, security officers serve on the front lines of your business. They may be posted near the doors or other common areas, where they have the opportunity to make a good impression on those who come to your establishment.

In fact, security officers may be the first face that a customer sees when arriving at your business or the last one that he sees on his way out the door. Security who greet visitors with a smile or hold doors open help your company develop a reputation for being helpful and caring.

Security Officers can also lend assistance to those in need. When visitors have a question or need help, it is common for them to seek out a person in uniform to lend a hand. Your security personnel may be able to answer inquiries, help with lost items, provide directions, or escort visitors to where they need to go.

An experienced security officer knows how to balance helpful services with his or her main responsibility of ensuring safety and protection.

Which of these benefits of hiring a security company stood out to you the most? When something goes wrong at your place of business, a video camera might record evidence, but it can’t respond to the situation like a human guard can. And it certainly can’t:

  • Enforce workplace rules.
  • Provide emergency services.
  • Assure others of safety.
  • Lend a hand to visitors.
  • Prevent Criminal Activity from occurring

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Chief J. Fairman-Director Of Security & Training

Jasper Fairman is the President/CEO of Texas Commissioned Security Operations LLC C07297801 a licensed and insured security guard and investigations company with offices located in Houston and Baytown, Texas. TCSO LLC was founded in April of 2018 by Chief Fairman, a well respected security professional with over 10 yrs experience in the security industry. This experience has helped Chief Fairman gained  extensive knowledge  in all aspects of security and protection. Having personally provided security for many clients and highest profile people, he understands first-hand what it takes to ensure venues, businesses, assets, and neighborhoods are protected and people are kept safe. Chief Fairman conveys this point to every single security officer employed by his company.

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