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Come Join one of the newest, hottest security companies in Texas. We would love to have you join our family!

TCSO LLC Philosophy

Recruit, Hire, Train, and Retain the most qualified and skilled dedicated security professionals available. Equip and Educate each officer to the most advanced level of security procedures, and ethics, to uphold the professional standards and culture of the TCSO Team, as a result, game-changing driven environment, with experienced very committed, and involved leadership. While never dismissing the fact that having the right Leadership, hardworking dedicated employees that want to succeed and grow in the security industry is our most valuable asset.

Employee Benefits

We believe the health and well being of our employees while they are employed by TCSO LLC is very important. TCSO LLC offers all full time and some part time employees optional and affordable Benefits that includes and not limited to:

Medical, Dental, Vision, Prescription, Direct Deposit, 401k, STD, PTO, Life Insurance, Employee Recognition and Awards, Rank Advancement Opportunities, Further Education Assistance/Scholarships, Police Academy Sponsorship, Incentive Programs- Good Performance, Employee Referral Bonuses, Fringe Benefits, officer of the month rewards, some store discounts, and much more!

Apply Now

TCSO LLC is committed to conducting a meticulous method when screening applicants, therefore All Applicants will undergo a vigorous background investigation before obtaining employment with TCSO LLC.

Our Investigators will make sure each applicant seeking employment with us is properly vetted so that we can maintain the cultural system of professional standards, by employing the right people, who have the right attitude, and mindset that wants to grow in this industry, so  our clients know that they have hired the right agency to secure their assets, and peace of mind whilst working on their properties.

Strategic 10 step Hiring Process

  1. The Online Application is received and reviewed.
  2. Qualifying Applicant is selected.
  3. Light background, Licensing Compliance, and social media check
  4. Phone Interview 1st (If Successful)
  5. 2nd Live Interview, Complete Written Application, Questionnaire
  6. More Intense and Thorough Background/Check by our Investigators, and 3rd party. Drug Testing
  7. 3rd Live Interview  a job is offered to applicant, Applicant receives Uniforms, badges, Equipment
  8. On-boarding and Training Process begins.
  9. Applicant is assigned post and begins work
  10. Applicant begins 180 days of probationary period. NOTE: applicant will have a 90 day Review and Evaluation, and a 2nd Evaluation at the 180th day of employment with TCSO LLC, and will officially graduate from the probationary period. Some applicants may complete the probationary period after 90 days. 


If you are interested in a career as a security officer but have a full-time job and would like to supplement your income, or in school, Retired or just want to do something more with your free time this is an opportunity for you.
Occupation – You could be an entrepreneur, car salesman, school teacher, or even a fast-food worker. No matter what occupation you are currently income experience what the security industry is all about. Texas Commissioned Security Operations encourages you to enroll in the security officer training academy, and take your courses with us. We welcome you to this exciting new career as a security officer with open arms.
Training Requirements – If you do not have any experience working as a security officer that is no problem, Texas Commissioned Security Operations encourages you to enroll in the security officer training academy, and take your courses with us. Our instructors will teach you the curriculum that will give you the advantage you need to succeed and grow in the industry. These are the lower-level security courses: 1. level 2 is unarmed security basic 6-8 hour course. 2. Level 3 is a 45-hour armed course required in order to be authorized to carry a firearm on duty as a security officer.
(SRO) Security Reserve Officer Duties– Fill in open post as they come available, work new post until a primary officer is staffed, work events, take on last minute assignments, cover for officers that is on leave of absence or called in/NCNS to help company ensure all post assignments are covered, take on recruiting or any new projects ordered by administration, and work temporary details.


Please feel out this pre application form to be contacted by a recruiter for a career opportunity.

Complete the written application in person

Texas Commissioned Security Operations C07297801 

Thanks you for your interest in joining our team. There will be a phone interview conducted, and then an invite  to come in person to complete the hiring process. If you have any questions feel free to contact our office

Texas Commissioned Security Operations LLC

10200 East Fwy, Houston, Texas 77029, United States