My Vision

Welcome to the team new recruits. It is a pleasure to have you apart of the Texas Commissioned Security Operations LLC  team! I hope together we can build a healthy, growing, continuous beneficial relationship. I have many good plans for the company and hope to see everyone of you fine officers here for the long journey. In this company YOU are our most prized assets so lets grow and learn together. If there is anything that you will like to add or give us insight on do not hesitate to send in those inquiries. there will always be an open line of communication with management and administration staff. My vision as the owner and director of security and training is to be people driven and not profit driven. I see a lot of other security companies out here with a high officer turnover rate and operate in the warm body system that cares only for profit that is definitely not in our definition, experiencing that as an officer motivated me even more to start my own security and investigations firm. Also the lack of training these companies offer there officers is horrendous. I have seen a lot of good officers, including myself fall victim to working for  companies who do not care for the growth of their officers, who stick them out on post and do not bother to check on them, not even a periodic courtesy call. In my system I believe training, communication and good organization skills is very imperative for the growth and success of a company. That is why I have implemented a strategic training program that each officer will be able to benefit from, and have an open line of communication. Thank you for reading this blog feel free to post comments.

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