What To Consider When Hiring A Security Company

When Businesses find themselves in need of a security presence, the budget often becomes the deciding factor leaving the genesis of security effectiveness overlooked. To yield the best return of the security dollar, It is crucial to investigate several providers and select the one who meets both the culture of the business and the management style. Most importantly, to make sense of your investments chose a company that provides the strongest reporting metrics for daily and fiscal review. Here are a few key factors to consider when selecting the security company that is the right fit for your business protection needs.

1. Experience

One of the most important step is to research the security company’s leadership. Who is in charge of the daily operations and what is their background? In addition into investigating the executive team, ask questions to get a clearer understanding of the experience and training required of their guards. Is there ongoing training besides the basic onsite training? Who will be assigned to your location? How long have they been with the company? What is their experience in providing satisfying  customer service for clients?

2. Technology

Texas Commissioned Security Operations have found that a vast majority of businesses rely on technology on a regular basis to streamline their business necessity. As a result, It is important to consider a security company that offers technology solutions that are not only easy to use, but provide value. For instance, TCSO offers Tracktik https://youtu.be/LX_tMrDbUws  a system that allows our clients to communicate with the officer on duty and enables stakeholders to stay updated on what is occurring in real-time. It is an effective tool for real-time reports. If a resident, customer, or employee of the client observes suspicious activity, they can quickly notify and report any concerns to the officer on duty for an immediate response without any delays. Providing such features that encourage end-user participation can pay off big. Poll your employees, residents, or clients to better understand how they utilize technology and then determine if there are any solutions that could be a good benefit for your business.

3. Expertise

Although it may be vital to find a security provider that is experienced and skilled in your industry and that has been established for many years, Do not close the door on a smaller security company, especially those that are just getting off the ground. For instance, Texas Commissioned Security Operations has been in business for a year we are still in our early stages but have been successful in retaining clientele and setting our mark in the security industry. Don’t hesitate to inquire about which industry make up the bulk of their business. Ex. We have made a mark in providing exceptional security solutions in the residential, and commercial sector working with many property management companies, Event venue owners, and many more in the Houston, Texas area.

4. Responsiveness

Incidents or various issues comes up from time to time. When they do, clients and security officers would want those matters resolved as quickly as possible. If there is a question or concerns, It is important that a security supervisor or manager is available 24/7. Whether its via email, by phone or in-person visits, be sure to ask security companies you are interviewing about their response times and who will be your point of contact to address those concerns or make any modifications to the service contract.

5. Interview

One of the best ways to gauge if a security company is a good fit is to speak with some of the company’s current clients. There is validity in companies that are fortunate enough to retain long-term clients. They are successful in their attempts. When speaking to the company’s current or new clients inquire about the kickoff process, If the security company is meeting their expectations and uncover any pain points.

6. Meet

While many companies offer quote forms on their websites, avoid making a hiring decision based only on that information. At Texas Commissioned Security Operations (TCSO) we respond immediately to estimate inquiries and ask to meet to culture a successful working relationships. If our prospective clients are out of state or range and we can not physically meet  we may use other means like video conference calling, or by phone to accommodate.  TCSO sets up routine monthly security reviews and meet with our clients executive team to ensure all expectations are discussed and agreed upon and to ensure all needs are being met. Security Services are provided by people. So get to know the officers, the security owner and administration team who will be relied on to provide your community with increased protection.

7. Ask

By all means, don’t hesitate to ask security company’s about sticky situations they may have encountered throughout their journey, and how they handled adversity. Truth is unlike any other businesses, every security company faces challenging situations on a regular basis. It is a more stressful occurrence that we deal with daily. Ask security providers to share some experiences including how specific instances were resolved. The best answers will likely include strategies they have since implemented to ensure those circumstances have not been repeated.

8. Price

Understandably, cost tends to be a significant priority for consumers seeking security services and securing high quality services does not come cheap. However, try to avoid selecting a security service partner solely based on price. Is it worth cutting corners and receiving subpar service when you could spend a little more to truly provide your property with the best protection and tools? Security is a you get what you pay for industry so keep that in mind when you getting differential quoted rates.

While you may consider some factors to be important than others, performing due diligence will determine who is the best fit for your business and who will bring the most value for every penny spent on your security investments. After all, compromising the safety of your assets, residents, and property is not something you want to gamble with. Keep these recommendations in mind when selecting your next security provider and the right company will stand out.

About the author: Jasper Fairman is the President/CEO and Chief of Security  at Texas Commissioned Security Operations LLC, a full service security guard and investigations company headquartered in Baytown, TX.  With a growing team of experience professionals, Texas Commissioned Security Operations offers a myriad of security solutions for the commercial, residential, and industrial industries. TCSO is also a licensed security training school to inquire more about our service offering,

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